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What's my Flood Risk?
My nearest Flood Professional

At A Glance Guide to understanding Flood Professionals


STEP 1 - Finding Your Installer

  • Your local Flood Professional can be identified by using ‘Find your nearest Professional’ facility on this website.
  • All Flood Professionals scheme members have been trained to survey and install Kitemark certified products to BSI Kitemark requirements.
  • In the case of products for which no Kitemark currently exists, full installation training is always undertaken in line with manufacturer’s requirements.
  • All scheme members must pass a two stage ‘classroom’ and ‘practical’ assessment before being awarded their Flood Professionals Members Badge.
  • You can also rest assured that your local Flood Professional carries all the necessary insurances to allow them to install flood mitigation measures to your home.
Find Your Nearest Flood Professional

STEP 2 - Survey Undertaken

  • Your chosen Flood Professional will visit your property and undertake a full Flood Mitigation Survey.  
  • This will include details on the property’s flooding history, drainage systems and all areas of potential water ingress into the property.  
  • If you have gas appliances with external vents your Flood Professional will always recommend inspection by a Gas Safe Engineer.
  • The Flood Professional will also explain fully the capabilities of each product in the event of flooding. 
Flood Professionals Survey

STEP 3 - Proposal Provided

  • Your Flood Professional will provide a Flood Mitigation Proposal identifying all areas of potential water ingress and appropriate products to minimise your flood risk.
  • Your Proposal will cover ALL areas of your property, often referred to as holistic protection, utilising where available Kitemark certified products,  those holding appropriate manufacturers standard or, those with a proven track record.

STEP 4 - Your Installation

  • Once you have agreed the proposal details and paid a manufacturing deposit, an installation date will be agreed.  
  • Your installation will be undertaken to the very highest standards as set out in the Flood Professionals Code of Conduct. 
Flood Professionals Installation

STEP 5 - Your Quality Audit

  • Once installation is complete, Flood Professionals Ltd will contact you to arrange a date for your Quality Audit.
  • The Quality Audit is undertaken by an impartial specialist Auditor who will check all products have been installed to appropriate standards.
  • The Quality Audit involves a comprehensive inspection including the ‘wet testing’ of an aperture selected by you the homeowner.
  • In the unlikely event the installation fails the Quality Audit, your appointed Flood Professional will be instructed to rectify any issues and the installation will be re-audited.
Flood Professionals Auditor

STEP 6 - Your Flood Professionals Certificate

  • Once the Quality Audit has been passed, details will be registered by Flood Professionals Ltd and your property will be issued with its Flood Professionals Certificate.
  • The Certificate documents that all Kitemark certified products have been   installed to Kitemark certified requirements and any non Kitemark products have been installed in line with manufacturer’s requirements.   
  • Your property is now recognised as a certified Flood Professionals Installation, with all flood products installed and audited to appropriate quality standards.
  • You can be confident the entire survey, product and installation process has been undertaken in line with the BSI Kitemark scheme