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What to expect from a Flood Professionals Certified Contractor

Flood Professionals Ltd:

1.  Will ensure all new Certified Contractors are subject to pre-qualification checks prior to acceptance onto the Flood Professionals Ltd Kitemark Flood Mitigation Survey and Installation training programme. 

2.  Will deliver a comprehensive training and assessment programme* for all new Certified Contractors which covers theoretical and practical materials with regard to the principles of flood mitigation surveying and Kitemark product installation.
*It is not possible to replicate all potential on-site scenarios that may be encountered during the flood mitigation survey or installation process. Therefore each survey and installation will require appropriate due-diligence.

3.  Will only grant companies certification once they have successfully completed the Flood Mitigation training and assessment programme.

4.  Will issue the Flood Protection Installation Kitemark certificate once the impartial quality assessor has completed a satisfactory audit of the Certified Contractor’s property installation.  Any remedial action required following this audit will be the responsibility of the Certified Contractor.

5.  Will ensure Certified Contractors sign up to the Flood Professionals Ltd Code of Conduct at all times (full details available on request).

6.  Will regularly assess and monitor a Certified Contractor’s performance.

7.  Provide an annual inspection and if required, a maintenance programme that will identify any areas of improvement prior the re-issuance of the Flood Protection Installation Kitemark certificate.