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Who is my contract with?

Flood Professionals is a certification scheme for independent companies and tradesmen who have been specially trained to provide Kitemark-certified flood mitigation solutions. Your contract is therefore with your chosen Certified Contractor.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my installation?

You should always contact your chosen Certified Contractor to resolve any problems with your products or their installation.

How much does a survey cost and how long does it take?

Surveys can take between 30 minutes and a couple of hours to complete, depending on your property. Certified Contractors are independent businesses, so they set their own charges to take into account their time, mileage and other costs, which they will confirm to you in advance.

How long will it take after installation to receive the Kitemark certificate for my property?

You will receive your Kitemark certificate within 6-8 weeks of satisfactory installation, impartial inspection and sign-off.

Do I have to choose the nearest Certified Contractor, as shown on the website?

Your nearest Certified Contractor is likely to be the most competitive and will also have good local knowledge; however you can ask any Certified Contractor for a survey and quotation.

Can I get more than one Certified Contractor to survey and quote for my flood mitigation work?

You can request a survey and quotation from more than one Certified Contractor, however please bear in mind this may incur additional survey costs.

What training will I be given to deploy and maintain the products?

All Certified Contractors will provide full training on all products before asking you to sign the Completion Statement. The manufacturers’ instructions for each Kitemark product will include details on how to care for it.

What happens if my property is damaged during the installation?

All Certified Contractors are required to carry Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance in the unlikely event that they were to damage your property during the work.

Who do I contact if I am unhappy with work undertaken by a Certified Contractor?

If you are unhappy with any element of the work undertaken by your chosen Certified Contractor who installed your products, as an independent organisation you should resolve the matter directly with them.

Why are Flood Professionals Certified Contractors better at providing flood mitigation solutions than other established local builders?

Flood Professionals Certified Contractors usually have a background in general building or a similar trade, but they have also been specially trained to understand the causes of flooding and the full range of Kitemark certified products available to help mitigate it. This is a highly specialised market that a general builder is unlikely to fully understand without specialist knowledge. Also, only Flood Professionals Certified Contractors can arrange a Flood Professionals Kitemark certificate for your property.

Does a Kitemark certificate guarantee that my property won’t flood?

Kitemark-certified products installed to BSI’s exacting Kitemark standards will offer you the best possible combination to help mitigate flooding.

If the Kitemark-certified installation were to fail, what is the process?

There are 4 reasons why a property may flood:

1.    Product Failure – refer to manufacturer’s warranty and your Certified Contractor

2.    Installation Failure – refer to your Certified Contractor

3.    Over-topping – flood levels have exceeded those discussed and agreed at the time of installation

4.    Homeowner Failure – products have not been deployed correctly

Causes 1 & 2 should be discussed with your Certified Contractor.  Causes 3 & 4 should be referred to your insurer.

What is a ‘Wet Test’ and what does it involve?

A Wet Test is a mandatory part of the sign-off of your Kitemark-certified installation, designed to give you peace of mind and confidence in your Kitemark products and their installation. It involves building a temporary wall, or ‘bund’, around a doorway and filling it with water to test the effectiveness of the barrier or flood door. As the householder, you will be able to choose which doorway you wish to have tested, so for maximum reassurance please consider where your property is most likely to flood.

What does the annual inspection involve and how much will it cost?

The annual inspection is undertaken by an impartial Quality Auditor who will check all products to see that they are still in good working condition.  The assessor will ask you to confirm whether there have been any modifications to your property since the previous inspection.  The cost of an annual inspection is £200.00 VAT, which includes the issuing of a new Kitemark certificate. 

What happens if the annual inspection identifies a problem?

Should any additional work be required following an annual inspection, this would be undertaken by your Certified Contractor who would provide a quotation for the work and materials. Your property would need to be re-inspected after the work has been completed to enable your new Kitemark certificate to be issued. To save you the cost of a re-inspection visit, if you are aware of any damage to your products or any other required work/maintenance you should ask you Certified Contractor to complete this before your annual inspection takes place.

If I choose not to have the annual inspection after one year, will the manufacturers’ warranties still be valid?

We would not recommend letting the annual inspection and Kitemark certificate lapse, since your property would be at increased risk and it may invalidate your insurance.  However, as long as the products are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and all seals etc. remain in good condition, the manufacturers’ warranties will normally remain in force.

IMPORTANT – since doors are in constant use throughout the year, most flood doors require an annual maintenance check to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

I have already had flood mitigation products installed – can I get a Kitemark certificate retrospectively?

If your existing products have a current Kitemark and have been installed correctly, you can arrange for a Certified Contractor to re-survey your property to assess it for Kitemark suitability.  Some additional work may be needed before the previous work meets the exacting new BSI standards, however if this can be done by a Certified Contractor it may be possible to attain Kitemark certification, which should then be maintained annually.  Costs for the re-survey, impartial quality assessment and any additional work would be discussed at the time.

Can I still get a Kitemark certificate for my property if I don’t opt for a full solution, as specified in the survey?

Kitemark certificates will only be issued to properties that have Kitemark products installed at all points of potential water ingress.  It will therefore not be possible to obtain a Kitemark certificate if you choose not to accept the full recommended solution for your property.

What happens if no BSI Kitemark standard exists for a product that is used as part of the solution?

Because new flood mitigation products are being developed all the time a Kitemark standard does not exist for all eventualities. Where there is no Kitemark standard, recommended products should always carry an EN number to demonstrate that they have been tested to an equivalent European standard.

If I continue to renew my Kitemark certificate, but my Certified Contractor ceases to trade, what guarantee/assurance do I have?

Should your Certified Contractor cease to trade you can continue to arrange your maintenance through another Certified Contractor (details are available on the Flood Professionals website). Your annual Kitemark certificate inspection and renewal will still be undertaken by an impartial quality assessor.