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Installation Insurance Guarantee

For many property owners who live with the threat of flooding it can easily blight their daily lives.  Many admit to feeling a huge emotional strain and financial pressure. 

In response, Flood Professionals, the UK’s only Kitemark certified flood product, survey and Installation scheme, has developed a unique offer designed to provide both peace of mind and financial support for property owners.

•       Property owners who make the sensible decision to mitigate their flood risk by having a holistic package of Kitemark certified flood products* installed to Kitemark certified standards by Flood Professional contractors are now being given added reassurance with automatic £5,000 Installation Insurance cover (provided by Hiscox Insurance Company)

•       In the event of their property suffering flood damage, homeowners will be entitled to an automatic and guaranteed £5,000 payment made under this unique Flood Professionals offer**.

•       The Installation Insurance Guarantee is in addition to the ‘Flood Professionals Certificate’, which properties are awarded for their holistic Kitemark certified flood mitigation measures.

•       This immediate payment is designed to help those property owners who either don’t have flood insurance or those who do but with a sizeable excess. Household claims take time to settle - we would expect to make this £5000 payment within 10 days of the damage.

•       The peace of mind of Kitemark certified products and installation PLUS a guaranteed £5000 insurance pay out should the worst happen – you can’t say fairer than that!

Will Rose, Regional Underwriting Manager at Hiscox, said:

“Before a contractor is certified to install to BSI Kitemark installation standards, they have to go through an intensive training course and pass the test at the end to be approved to install these products. This in itself is a testament to the company’s dedication to risk management. I had the opportunity to sit in on this training and was very impressed with how thorough it is; it covers aspects from survey through to installation in detail and importantly, has both theoretical and practical elements to ensure that the contractors are able to put in to practice what they have learned. I came away with confidence that Flood professional companies are committed to reducing risk with the aim that the products are installed in a competent and diligent manner”

Guide to qualifying for the £5000 fixed price Installation Insurance Guarantee:


Terms & Conditions

Eligibility for the Installation Insurance Guarantee is subject to all necessary criteria being met under the Flood Professionals Certificate Terms & Conditions.

*In the case of products for which no Kitemark currently exists, products holding appropriate manufacturers standard will be installed in line with manufacturers requirements.

**The Installation Insurance Guarantee is provided by Hiscox Insurance. The cost for the first 12 months will be included in the initial flood product and installation cost. Claims for damage of £500 & under cannot be claimed for.  All flood mitigation products installed in a property must have been appropriately deployed when flooding occurred.